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A knife gate valve that is A maintenance dream

Rebuild a RHINOGATE™ Knife Gate Valve for around 15% of the cost of a new valve.

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Australian Designed & Manufactured Knife Gate Valve.

The RHINOGATE™ Slurry Isolation Knife Gate Valve, developed in Perth, Western Australia in 2004. The location is located near the Goldfields region, rich in history with towns like Kalgoorlie-Boulder. Serving Western Australia, South Australia, and the Northern Territory.

Our product has also gained international acclaim in South America, Southeast Asia, and South Africa.

We focus on customised solutions and exceptional service. For more information, and contact us to discuss how the RHINOGATE™ Valve can benefit your business.

Agile design for long life.

The RHINOGATE™ knife gate valve, designed for easy interchangeability, comprises only 8 simple parts. It features a one-piece liner, gate, and gland within two ductile iron body halves, ensuring leak-free operation. Its high-quality construction and design allow for on-site rebuilding at about 15% of the cost of a new valve. This durable valve is a long-term investment, marking an end to disposable valves.

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Ground Breaking Knife Gate Valve Technology.

Traditional valves often suffer from gland area leakage, a challenge that conventional braided yarn or square-shaped seals struggle to overcome, typically failing within the first six months.

Rhinogate has innovatively addressed this long-standing issue. Our one-piece elastomer gland packing ensures a leak-free, low-maintenance solution, ending the search for a reliable seal.

This specially engineered packing offers exceptional shear strength and a smooth texture, perfectly designed for demanding applications. 

Discover the Rhinogate difference – where innovation meets efficiency.

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Patented Innovated Knife Gate Design

The RHINOGATE™ Patented Collapsible Seat, is a unique innovation in the world of slurry isolation knife gate valves.

This groundbreaking design features bi-directional functionality and full bore operation, without any pockets or grooves where solids could accumulate, a feature exclusive to RHINOGATE™.

The polyurethane seat, upon gate closure, aligns perfectly with a specially crafted cavity ring, ensuring a 100% leak-proof seal and preventing gate deflection.

When the gate retracts, the seat seamlessly returns to its original position, maintaining full bore functionality and a smooth, groove-free seat area.

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Industry Applications

The RHINOGATE™ is a heavy-duty slurry isolation knife gate valve – engineered for the most demanding applications. Here are industry sub-sectors where RHINOGATE™ Knife Gate Valves can be found.

  • Mineral Concentrates, Slurry Lines, Tailings
  • Flotation cells, Thickener/Clarifier underflow
  • Cyclone Isolation
  • Dewatering/Sludge disposal/mine water
  • Lime transfer / abrasive corrosive chemicals
  • Mineral Sands/Gravel/Cement
  • Pneumatic Conveying/Dry Hoppers
  • Gold Processing and Tailing
  • Nickel Processing
  • Copper Processing, CCD’s
  • Copper tailing and concentrate
  • Diamond and Platinum processing
  • Phos-acid and phosphate
  • Taconite /Iron ore slurry
  • POX, Tank Leach
  • Water injection to Slurry Froth
  • Pump Isolation/ Hydrotransport
  • Bird Product and Bird Tails Middlings
  • Fine Slurry or Coarse Slurry Tailings
  • Cement and backfill /paste-fill
  • Flotation Tanks Underflow/Overflow