Various industrial processes typically used in mineral 

The Rhinogate is a heavy duty slurry isolation knife gate valve - engineered for the most demanding applications.
Below are industry sub sectors where Rhinogate Knife Gate Valves can found.

Mining and mineral processing applications

  • Mineral Concentrates, Slurry Lines, Tailings
  • Flotation cells, Thickener/Clarifier underflow
  • Cyclone Isolation
  • Dewatering/Sludge disposal/mine water
  • Lime transfer / abrasive corrosive chemicals
  • Mineral Sands/Gravel/Cement
  • Pneumatic Conveying/Dry Hoppers
  • Gold Processing and Tailing
  • Nickel Processing
  • Copper Processing, CCD’s
  • Copper tailing and concentrate
  • Diamond and Platinum processing
  • Phos-acid and phosphate
  • Taconite /Iron ore slurry
  • POX, Tank Leach
  • Water injection to Slurry Froth
  • Pump Isolation/ Hydrotransport
  • Bird Product and Bird Tails Middlings
  • Fine Slurry or Coarse Slurry Tailings
  • Cement and backfill /paste-fill
  • Flotation Tanks Underflow/Overflow


Power Generation

  • FGD Scrubbers
  • Fly Ash / Bottom Ash/Ash Transport
  • Plant water with solids
  • Coal burner Isolation
  • Pulverizer Isolation